I'm Charmaine, the Sr. Graphic Designer at SpiceBox Books by day and freelance designer by night. I design mostly for print, but have been getting back into drawing and painting more and more while cultivating an ever-growing passion for photography.

At SpiceBox, I develop projects for books, such as little clay characters (see here), and then photograph, illustrate instructions, design books, and help to source the right components, before finally designing the packaging, to ultimately come up with an all-in-one kit ready for production. You can see the line up of available SpiceBox products here.

Freelance Work: Outside of SpiceBox I do contract work doing logo designs, trade show graphics, brochures, booklets, drawings and painting projects, along with occasional photography work.

If you have a project that speaks to my skills, or to stretch my creative muscles, contact me at charmuzyka@me.com